Calvary Chapel South Sioux City

New Location
4th Anniversary

Calvary Chapel South Sioux City is a non-denominational evangelical Christian church, in fellowship with Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa.  This movement affiliation includes the sharing of philosophical and spiritual values and the participation by our pastors in intra-church conferences

As a fellowship, we are an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs with Pastor Raul Ries and have been blessed to serve in the same region as Calvary Chapel Sioux Falls.

Calvary Chapel South Sioux City was birthed decades ago through the prayers and tears of two meek South American missionaries, Ed and Noami Farrell (South Sioux City, Nebraska natives & the parents of Sharon Ries), and through the radical redemption of the violent life of a southern Californian street thug from Mexico City named Raul Ries. Please visit for details of Pastor Raul’s testimony and ministry.

Years later God would begin to inspire a young and very passionate believer and Bible teacher named Tim Hall along with his pregnant wife Zully and three young children (Noah, Lilly, and Abby) to move to the Siouxland area to start a simple bible study. Ruby Esther, their fourth child, would be born 3 months later on a snowy mid-west winter day.

Divinely, Calvary Chapel South Sioux City was birthed on Sept 9, 2010 as six adults, three children, and one dog (named Blue) would gather at the Hall’s small two-bedroom/one-bath rented house in Sioux City, Iowa (Morningside) to study through the Book of Ephesians.

Please pray for this work, the church, and the leadership of Calvary Chapel South Sioux City as our Great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, uses us as a Refuge in our beloved community.